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Application for notification of medical products in Poland

The application for notification of medical product in Poland should contain in particular ... More at:

Medical products in Poland

Medical product in Poland is a tool, a device, software, a material or other article, used alone or in combination, including software intended for use specifically for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and necessary for its proper use, intended by the creator for use with humans in order to... More at:

Medical laws in Poland

Medical law in Poland is a set of legal norms in the form of a dozen of bills concernng civil, administrative and criminal procedures as well as rights and obligations of a patient, a physician, a nurse, and a congregation of medical institutions (hospitals). More at:

Wniosek o zgłoszenie wyrobu medycznego

Zgłoszenie wyroku medycznego do Prezesa Urzędu Rejestracji Produktów Leczniczych, Wyrobów Medycznych i Produktów Biobójczych powinien zawierać w szczególności... Więcej na:

Zgłoszenie wyrobów medycznych

Obowiązek dokonywania zgłoszeń  wyrobów medycznych, aktywnych wyrobów medycznych do implantacji, wyrobów medycznych do diagnostyki in vitro, systemów i zestawów zabiegowych złożonych z wyrobów medycznych, zwanych dalej wyrobami, regulują przepisy zawarte w ustawie z dnia 20 maja 2010 r. o wyrobach medycznych. Więcej na:

Wyroby medyczne

Wyrób medyczny to narzędzie, przyrząd, urządzenie, oprogramowanie, materiał lub inny artykuł, stosowany samodzielnie lub w połączeniu, w tym z oprogramowaniem przeznaczonym przez jego wytwórcę do używania specjalnie w celach diagnostycznych lub terapeutycznych i niezbędnym do jego właściwego stosowania, przeznaczony przez wytwórcę do stosowania u ludzi w celu... Więcej na:

Ustawy medyczne

Prawo medyczne jest zespołem norm prawnych, który przyjął postać kilkunastu ustaw z zakresu prawa cywilnego, administracyjnego, karnego oraz zbioru praw i obowiązków pacjenta, lekarza, pielęgniarki, oraz zbioru zasad funkcjonowania podmiotów leczniczych(szpitali). Więcej na:

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Partners in general partnership company in Poland

In a general partnership company, all partners are jointly and severally liable with the other partners and the company, without limitation, with all its assets, whether present or future. However, the principle of subsidiary liability of partners is in place. It means that the creditor can only enforce the partner's assets when the execution of the company's assets is ineffective, but that does not mean that the creditor can not file a lawsuit against the partners beforehand. More at

General partnership company in Poland

General partnership in Poland (abbreviated sp.j.) is a company operating under its own name and is not a capital-based company. It does not have a legal personality, but it owns its assets, which consist of contributions to the company and the property acquired by the company during its existence. More at

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Company in Poland

Company in Poland - an activities of natural or legal persons based on a contract or a statute and usually intended to run a business. As for the name - company - there are many different legal institutions that have little in common with the name. Companies in Poland are usually systematized according to the branch of law that regulates them. More at

Joint-stock company in Poland

In Poland, joint stock companies now operate under the Code of Commercial Companies, previously regulated by the Commercial Code. The share capital of a public joint stock company is divided into shares of equal value. These shares may be quoted (bought and sold) on the stock exchange. More at

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Shareholders of limited liability company(LLC) in Poland

Some rights of shareholders in a LLC in Poland are acquired by every shareholder of the company, some are given by the provisions of the contract or depend on fulfillment of certain conditions. More at

Limited liability company(LLC) in Poland

Limited liability company (LLC) in Poland ( sp. z o.o. in polish) - is a legal form of an enterprise created by one or more persons, called shareholders, who are responsible for the company's obligations to a limited extent. This kind of a company is numerous in Europe, including Poland. More at

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District chambers of advocates(lawyers) in Poland

List of district chambers of advocates(lawyers) in Poland. More at

Self-government of advocates(lawyers) in Poland

Advocates (lawyers) in Poland are organized on the basis of professional self-government ... More at

District chambers of legal advisors(lawyers) in Poland

List of district chambers of legal advisors(lawyers) in Poland. More at

Self-government of legal advisors(lawyers) in Poland

Legal advisors(lawyers) in Poland are organized on the basis of a professional self-government. The self-governed organizational units have legal personality and are divided into regional chambers of legal advisors(lawyers) in Poland and the National Chamber of Legal Advisors. The self-government of legal advisor(lawyers) in Poland is independent in the execution of its tasks and is subject only to the law. More at

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Advocates in Poland

Advocate in Poland is a lawyer providing legal aid, in particular in the area of providing legal advice, drafting legal opinions, drafting legal acts and appearing before courts and offices. Attorneys in Poland are commonly called (though imprecisely) lawyers. In Poland, the profession of an advocate is governed by the Law of 26 May 1982 on the Advocates. More at